ConnectVitals Pathway to Telehealth Software

ConnectVitals is proud to be a leader in providing easy-to-use real time telehealth solutions to meet the unique requirements of your healthcare organization. We focus on providing features that deliver applicable clinical toolsets, care-team collaboration, and the flexibility needed to support broad and evolving healthcare needs. Our system provides the foundation of leading telehealth solutions, supporting various specialties in a variety of care settings.

Home Health Is Becoming Data Driven

The shift to a data driven approach to home health care is under way. CMS requirements, pay-­for-­performance, increased demand from an aging population and a reduced supply of health care professionals are just some of the factors in this home health care paradigm shift.

A data driven approach means that you proactively gather patient data regarding their well being, compliance, or satisfaction and then the health care professional uses this information to make treatment decisions. The home monitoring equipment industry is full of studies supporting the effectiveness of patient data gathering. Frequent and consistent data gathering enables earlier intervention, reduces emergency visits, and reduces days hospitalized. The issue isn’t how you gather the data, rather, it is that you do indeed gather it and do something with it. That is why ConnectVitals created the most cost effective data gathering system in the industry. We let you easily get the patient data with which to make your treatment decisions.

Marketing Advantages

Acquiring and maintaining clients is important for every organization. ConnectVitals Telehealth Services are a value added service and can be used as a distinguishing factor for marketing purposes. Organizations can offer ConnectVitals services to patients being discharged or to individuals on targeted marketing lists. Every interaction a patient has through ConnectVitals services begins and ends with a message from your organization, thus building and contributing to your brand recognition and strength and deepening the relationship with your client. In addition to the loyalty generated as the relationship with the Telehealth service continues, ConnectVitals provides a vehicle through which you can insert general announcements. These announcements may be to announce new services, share news of interest or you can provide targeted messages for specific needs or issues.

Key Features

  • Increased quality of care through increased contact with patient
  • Reduce hospital readmissions
  • Low cost ­ subscription and usage based pricing
  • Automated patient interface options
  • Integrates with monitoring equipment for lower cost bio­metric data gathering
  • Customizable and flexible, questions, alerts, communication methods, etc.
  • Automated processes with “Response Driven” follow­up technology
  • Easy to use & implement
  • HIPAA compliant & secure
  • Collaborate with other providers via unique “Parent/Child” database structure

ConnectVitals is proud to be a leader in advancing the growth and approach to patient care. Our experts are available to answer your questions and show you how easy it is to add telehealth to your practice.