Hospitals are accountable for patient care AFTER discharge!!

Reducing readmissions, “bundled” reimbursement and managed or accountable care all point to the need for hospitals to “stay in touch” with patients post discharge. ConnectVitals can help. Remote patient monitoring, education and ongoing engagement through multiple communication methods using ConnectVitals are effective strategies hospitals can use to meet their goals.

Care Transitions: Post discharge patient follow up care

ConnectVitals has a proven track record of reducing hospital readmissions, with clients reporting reductions in 30 day readmissions of over 50%.

With ConnectVitals, you can provide remote patient monitoring, education and engagement with 100% of your discharged patients, regardless if they are discharged to their home, or to the care of a home health agency (HHA) or Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)!

Hospitals are financially at risk for following up with recently discharged patients to prevent unnecessary readmissions. Timely and thorough follow up programs help reduce re­-hospitalization, improve patient satisfaction, reduce patient stress and improve overall quality of care.

Immediate Response Opinion Surveys – patients, physicians and employees

Hospitals are in a very competitive business. Quality ratings provided by CMS, AHA and FAH enable the consumer of healthcare to be very selective in the hospital they choose.

Rather than wait weeks or months to get feedback, with ConnectVitals, providers can survey targeted populations and get feedback as it comes in! The ConnectVitals data collection system allows a hospital a low cost way to easily survey the employees who deliver service and the patients who consume them. Survey data can be collected several ways. The surveys can be completed on­line, the patient/employee/physician can make an inbound call to respond to the survey questions or a call can be scheduled to contact them to collect the data. Whichever method the hospital chooses to use they will have complete control over the questions asked and the data collected. All of the data collected is available 24/7 for analysis and reporting. By paying close attention to the data collected, hospitals will be better able to improve patient satisfaction, improve employee morale and improve the overall quality of care delivery.

Disease Management Programs

All disease management programs know that 100% of their chronically ill patients are at some level of risk for being hospitalized or having an emergency episode.

ConnectVitals changes the paradigm of Disease Management by making the process of data collection simple and inexpensive. Clinicians respond to patients whose responses triggered preset alerts. Rather than spending 80% of their time gathering or reviewing data that requires no action, ConnectVitals frees up the clinical staff to spend 80% of their time on the patients whose responses triggered an alert. ConnectVitals also enables the clinician to graphically analyze a patient’s responses over time to spot negative trends and patterns.

Key Benefits

  • Increased quality of care through increased patient contact
  • Reduce Hospital Readmissions
  • Low cost – subscription and usage based pricing
  • Automated patient interface options
  • Integrates with monitoring equipment for lower cost bio­metric data gathering
  • Customizable and flexible (questions, alerts, communication methods, etc.)
  • Automated processes with “Response Driven” follow­up technology
  • Easy to use & implement
  • HIPAA compliant & secure
  • Collaborate with other providers via unique “Parent/Child” database structure.

How It's Used

  • Care Transitions post discharge follow­up program (home, HH, SNF)
  • Disease Management
  • Medication Management
  • Patient Education & Engagement
  • Patient Surveys
  • Ongoing Patient Communication